Pat Anderson Agencies has dealt with CJB Restorations for many years. Over this period of time we have developed a very strong relationship based upon the outstanding service that they provided to our customers in their time of need. They continue to provide very responsive service at a time when our customers need it most. Of Importance to us is that CJB will listen to us and respond in a positive way if a bump in the road does occur; this is extremely important to us as inattention to problems will have a negative effect with our clients and it is important that these things are handled quickly and with understanding. We have no hesitation in recommending CJB to you. 
Paul Towriss, President
The Pat Anderson Insurance Group

First off – thank you for your fine crew. They are exhibiting professionalism, efficiency and compassion. Both the content girls and the restoration guys are getting the job done quickly while remembering that we are people. It’s hard to find this mix in today’s world, and you and your team should be commended for it. 
Cam Penner

Now all the renovations are complete, I just want to say how pleased I was with the outstanding work of CJB Restoration Services. I would recommend them to anyone I know that went through the upheaval of house renovations that we did. They were very discreet and fast, taking the kitchen out and getting a makeshift one in place over the Christmas. Chris one of their workers was outstanding. Being a foster home with young teen girls I was a little concerned, I was delighted to see how professional he was with the girls and so unassuming. This kind of workmanship needs to be noted for future reference. They were understanding, paying attention to every little detail and up to date with all his trades.
Della Maher

My wife and I were very pleased with the service provided by CJB Restoration Services as a result of a break in a water pipe in the basement. In particular, Tim Williams as Project Manager quickly arrived at our home after the claim was made with BCAA. He immediately assessed the damage and initiated the process including the drying of the flooring. He determined that the whole carpet had to be replaced without any arm-twisting on our behalf. He then very efficiently coordinated the subcontractors needed to restore the flooring. This was our first home insurance claim and we were so relieved that the process went as smoothly as it did.
Please thank Tim on our behalf. We know other customers will have a similar experience with your company with Tim being the point man.
Doug Thomson

My thanks to you is long overdue, but I did want to make sure you know how much I appreciated your company’s help after my flooded basement last year. The flood itself was a very bad experience, especially as I had just moved into the home. You and your company made it as easy as possible.
-You came the same day as notified and very quickly were able to explain exactly what needed to be done, and the proposed timeline.
-You answer questions very well.
-All the people that you sent were excellent. They come when they say they will, did a wonderful job, answered questions, told me how long they will be, and cleaned up after themselves.
-The end result is great.
-Nothing got broken.
-Also, you like dogs!
I was very impressed with a couple of other things:
-Your employees like working for you and they say so, too
-This may sound minor, but I have a lot of books in several bookcases, and was dreading figuring out where they went. Your staff had numbered all the boxes according to the bookcase and the shelves in each bookcase. It probably is a simple concept to those who do it all the time, but it sure saved me a lot of effort.
I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for everything.
Sharon Kozak

By the way, during my follow up call with the Insured today, Carol Berezan advised me that she was very satisfied with the service provided by CJB Restoration and the repairs completed….described the workers as very professional.
Thank You, 
Katie Schmor, Claims Adjuster, BCAA

Good Afternoon Gentlemen, I wanted to take this opportunity to bring to your attention that I have been given positive feedback from several of our Insured’s about the exemplary service provided by the Project Manager of your company. This high level of customer service is one of the reasons I feel CJB Restoration and BCAA Insurance Corporation succeed in retaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
Gary Sandhu, Claims Adjuster, BCAA

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have just spoken with the Insured and they are extremely pleased with the work completed by CJB Restorations. The Insured is the retired Deputy Commissioner Pacific Region for the RCMP and he is a very particular individual and when he presents praise it is for a good reason. This I know firsthand having had dealing with A/Commissioner German for many years.
Darren Berg, Regional Manager, Granite Claims

We recently had CJB do restoration work at our home after a flood caused by a city water main breaking. I would like to say that we are completely happy with the work done by your company. All people and contractors that worked in our home were very efficient, quick, polite and did everything possible to make the job easier for us and as non-disruptive as possible. We would like to thank you for the job well done.

I owe a great, belated, thank you to one of your employees who helped me out on May. 27, 2011, as I was lost in Abbotsford. I was due to perform at a Celtic Celebration at the Abbotsford Arts Center, but the drive out from North Van took twice as long as expected, and I had taken the wrong exit. Already an hour overdue for a sound check, and there was no one I could find who actually knew where the Arts Center was. This included Map Quest, which was failing me dismally. I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually flagged down one of your vehicles – #58 – at a corner, and the lovely man inside re-arranged his schedule on the phone (after listening to my tearful, desperate plea!) and drove me down the highway to another exit and to a corner where I could see the sign for the center. I know he went out of his way to do this. It was so kind, and I am so grateful. Wonderful service – please give him a citation!
Warmest regards,
Abegael Fisher-Lang