Windstorm Damage

CJB is equipped to help you recover from storm damage, toppled trees, collapsed structures and more.

Storm damage is a frequent and disruptive recurrence for many in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Fraser Valley areas. Damage results anywhere from toppling trees to collapsed structures.

Necessary remediation is commonly needed for loss of siding, damage to roofing or fencing, basement flooding, power disruptions and scattered debris; all of which necessitate immediate response and trained professionals to secure the location.

CJB Project Managers are always On-call and our Water Crews are always on Stand-by – ready to meet the immediate needs of our customers. Our Emergency Response Units are always prepared and equipped with all necessary gear such as tarps, chain-saws, generators, and extractors.

With resources available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CJB is not only able to minimize damage to property but disruption to our customer’s lives. Contact us today for more information.