Structural Repairs, Re-builds & New Homes

From start to finish, CJB is capable of performing all final repairs and rebuilds, even after the emergency service requirements are completed.

CJB prides itself on being a Full Service Company. Not only will CJB complete all emergency service requirements, but will also perform all final repairs and rebuilds. These final construction projects may include rebuilding after a structural fire, awning and carport reconstruction after a snowstorm or even interior repairs after flood damage.

Included in the final restoration after an insured peril, customers can expect Project Managers to provide detailed documentation of the repairs required to follow the project through to completion. Pictures are taken of the loss, contents are stored off-site if necessary and estimates are provided that outline the scope of work needed to restore any structures to pre-loss condition.

During all final repairs, Project Managers are readily available to discuss the process of restoration required and customers can anticipate regular updates on the status of the work. CJB Project Managers are continuously making sure the expectations of the customer is equal to the actual work being performed and within the agreed time frames.

We are partnered with Pacific Home Warranty for all of our building needs!