Mould Remediation

Mould can be the source of allergies and infections, and can even lead to respiratory and vascular illness if the spores are toxic.

Mould growth can be the source of many allergies and infections. Some mould spores can even be toxic. Many species of mould, if inhaled or ingested, cause serious respiratory and vascular illnesses. It is crucial that mould is removed from your home, especially if young children or elderly family members, who have lower immune systems, reside in the home with you.

CJB Project Managers are trained to inspect all cases of mold growth, whether mild or severe, we can mitigate the mould growth. Certified mould professionals will quarantine areas with severe contamination to protect you and your family from further exposure. Procedures will then follow to control the moisture levels to prevent further mould growth.

Techniques for removing mould buildup vary, depending on whether the surfaces are non or semi-porous, or porous. Items that are porous and non-restorable are sealed up and safely transported and destroyed. Once the mould professionals have completed the remediation and a thorough cleaning has been performed, all surfaces are left dry and visibly free from contamination and debris.