Flood Damage & Sewer Backup

Flood damage happens daily. CJB Restoration will be there from Vancouver to Hope as we service all of the Fraser Valley.


Talk to your insurance agent or broker. Waste water or sewage back-up damage may be covered by your insurance policy. (Water seeping into a residential basement is not eligible because this type of damage is very common.)

It is very important that you try and minimize the amount of time spent walking in the sewage affected areas. Even though the water may appear to be clear or clean, it still can contain bacteria and pathogens harmful to humans. Walking into these affected areas may also lead to cross contamination by tracking water into unaffected areas of your home and spreading contamination. It is highly recommended that you wait for CJB technicians to arrive as they are trained and have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), antimicrobial solutions, and air quality control equipment to mitigate the spread of contamination. If you must handle any affected contents or materials please wear gloves (latex, rubber, nitrile), keep hands away from face/mouth and wash hands frequently. Keep children away from the area and most importantly NEVER use fans or air movers in an attempt to dry water damage from a sewage flood, it will only spread potential contaminants.