Fire & Smoke Cleanup

We offer 24/7 services throughout Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Hope

A fire in your home or business can have devastating effects not only on your building’s structure, but also your sense of security. We understand if you feel distressed, fearful or even angry after experiencing fire damage.

First, please know that you’re not alone. At CJB Restoration Services we understand what you’re going through. We’ll quickly come to your aid and help you restore your sense of security and return to normal.

We're Here For You

Our technicians understand the fire damage restoration process inside and out. We will use their expertise and use of specialized equipment to get you back to your safe and secure environment in no time. 

Timely arrival

Immediate Arrival

Fire damage restoration can't wait. We'll arrive at your location as quickly as possible after you place your call.

fully equipped and prepared

Fully Equipped & Prepared

We come with the proper equipment to handle the complex fire damage restoration process.

IICRC Trained & Certified

Our technicians are certified and trained in advanced methods for soot & smoke removal and fire damage restoration.

Helping Homeowners and Businesses Recover from Disasters Since 1996

CJB Restoration services is a restoration contractor that specializes in insurance claims and are committed to delivering superior services to the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley communities. 

Through our dedication to providing the best service, highest quality workmanship, and fast response to any emergency, CJB has built a reputation as one of the most reliable restoration contractors in BC.

We understand that restoration can be very stressful and unsettling for both families and businesses. We take care of every detail, ensuring your project is handled in a cost-effective manner and is completed on time. You can count on CJB.

Restore Your Home After Fire Damage With 3 Easy Steps

Call Us

Our on-call technicians are available 24/7 to meet your cleanup & restoration needs.

Sit Back & Relax

We'll take care of everything - even water damage from extinguished fires.

trained and certified

Enjoy Your Restored Home

Return to normal life after your home is restored to pre-loss condition.

CJB Restoration has trained technicians to deal with a variety of different types of fires, including Class A, B, C & D.

fire damage
Due to the various types of fire extinguishers, take care to read the label before administering. CJB Restoration is capable of dealing with all fire classes.